World Sailing’s Training Scholarship Gets Underway

World Sailing’s Training Scholarship Gets Underway

The World Sailing’s Training Scholarship is held from 5th September to 22nd October this year and six National Olympic Committees (NOC) are taking part in the training session. It is held at the World Sailing Executive Office in Great Britain’s Southampton.

There will be a host of theoretical and practical subjects that will be covered over the long seven week course. Last year’s training program was a huge success and this has prompted NOC’s of The Dominican Republic, Fiji, Myanmar, Ukraine and Romania take part in the training program. The attendees of this training will be taking home all the wealth of knowledge that they gain from this training to their respective nations to share with their World Sailing Member National Authority (MNA).

The above six nations had supported the International Olympic Committee’s Solidarity funding applications of all the candidates that are taking part from their end in the seven week program. They are happy with what the output that the previous candidates were able to pitch in after attending the program, held on a Yacht Charter in Dubrovnik.

They have gone on to play a very significant role in the country’s national training programs and have contributed a lot in the promotion of the sailing sport. This year there will also be a private funded candidate from Japan taking part in the Scholarship program.

The Scholarship offered by the World Sailing Executive Office in Southampton is designed for everyone already working in the MNA and the people who have a say in the future training and development of the sport in the region. The candidates taking part in the Scholarship will receive full support and advice from the nominated experts in the Sailing world so that they are able to reap the full benefits of the training.

This is a scholarship program that every nation looking to promote the sailing sport must endorse.

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