SAP And US Sailing Together

SAP And US Sailing Together

The national governing body of sailing sports in the United States, and SAP SE, the leading application software provider has come together.

They have declared a partnership that defined SAP the technology partner and Cloud service provider of United States sailing team. SAP has been announced as official partner of US sailing.

The first phase of this collaboration will focus on increasing accessibility to racing on offshore. Technology will be developed to simplify the entire process that boat owner chose to get on the beginning line. The objective is to provide analytics and data to sailors who compete. They can use this data to prepare themselves better and give better perform during the competitive races

At the start of the year, SAP and United State Sailing did a partnership to develop and implement an online platform, Universal Certification System (UCS); this is first in kind of software. The software provides ease in tracking the sailor’s progress and it also simplify the processes that are involved in rating certificate management and application for sailors. The software also has analytics and live-tracking feature along with mobile app that will provide valuable input for sailors post-race and will help them in improving their game.

In addition to mentioning benefit the software developed by SAP for US sailing will have some other advantages to like it will simplify the process for rating of handicap sailboat and boats that are under various rules. It will also help in giving more visibility into rating and measurement process for all owners of boat, crew, lifts etc. The software UCS will be primarily used for certification of boating sail that is big in size and offshore rating. The application UCS is available for everyone and can be installed on the iPhone, iPad and android based smart phone as well.

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