GP14 World Championship 2016

GP14 World Championship 2016

The GP14 World Championships 2016 have really captured the vision of both steady GP14 sailors as well as those from other packs with more than hundred yachts from 7 different nations registered for the Easter tournament.

For a Class predominantly based in the United Kingdom and Ireland; the 2016 Worlds popularity has undoubtedly got to be the location. By the end of March, Barbados will be flooded with around 400 sailors and their families looking to combine a top class event with a luxury holiday.

Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc’s Peter Gilkes said that they started with the expectation of 40 or probably 50 GP14s and to that point they even cut down the figure of officials expected for the event as they expected a smaller event.

Barbados Sailing Association President Gus Reader was really stunned by the numbers. With 104 entries, the GP14 World Championships is the biggest sailing event they have held in Barbados, and this suggests that the 208 competitors, 186 support officials and personnel that brings it to a total of more than four-hundred visitors to Barbados, all vying for a prize of a week’s Rent a yacht in Croatia.

The Gold Fleet quality has also been another factor in arousing the profile of this event in the world of sailing, influencing those from other packs to join the exhibit. Now, bets are on as who would win the event with the sweepstake entrances coming in fast and thick with more than fifty as of now.

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