Manson Topples Drysdale’s Best Time Record

Manson Topples Drysdale’s Best Time Record

There is a tough competition brewing up in the New Zealand single sculls spot between the new record holder Manson and current single sculler Drysdale.

The two-time Olympian MaheDrysdale’s record was broken by Robbie Manson during his gold winning performance for New Zealand at the World Cup regatta in Poland last weekend.

The amazing thing about Robbie’s sculling was that he was able to better to best time word record set by Drysdale and that too by three seconds. Because of this achievement, there is going to be healthy competition among these two popular single scullers for the number one position for the New Zealand team. This is a really good sign for the New Zealand team looking forward to the forthcoming Tokyo Olympics in 2020.

The high-performance director of Rowing New Zealand, Allan Cotter, feels that this achievement by Robbie Manson has set a new bar for Drysdale to conquer. Drysdale is all set to get back to training after a layoff following his gold-winning performance at Rio Olympics.

Cotter said that they have not heard from Mahe about the boat that he would like to go in. He will be having a conversation with Mahe soon to find out the same. Cotter said that Drysdale is fully aware of the tough competition that lies ahead of him.

Manson has made impressive strides in the individual category for the past few months. He has gained a lot of confidence over the summer after doing the single at the start with other boats. Cotter said that beating the world record by three seconds is a very exciting thing for New Zealand looking forward to the next four years.

Drysdale will start rowing in July and has intentions of joining the New Zealand squad during the upcoming summer. New Zealand had a very good final day at the World Cup regatta in Poland as they bagged 5 more golds.

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